Can't find this bag!?!

  1. I have looked for 4 days now and can't find this bag anywhere! Britney and her bodyguard have been photographed holding it in numerous pictures and I thought is was adorable. I looked at Fendi bags after I enlarged the pic and saw the greek key pattern. I didn't find it on their website though. Any help would be appreciated. (I really need to stop obsessing over these things:wtf:)[​IMG]
  2. It looks like the Versase patterns.umm
    Its beautiful.
  3. I knew It . I just saw it on E luxury. under versase in gold and other colors,
  4. That's a really nice bag!!
  5. It's Versace. I believe it's called the Snap Out of It bag. Eluxury has it in black and gold metallic right now.
  6. Versace.
  7. I saw it on Bluefly....and I also saw a hideous fake/knockoff at a shop in San Antonio at one of the Market Place stores. eeeeeeewwwww...:throwup:
  8. Thank you! Sorry it took so long to get back-had a few 'puter problems. I am on my way to Versace's website. I just love this bag. Shonda