Can't find these sunnies...can you help? Looked/Called everywhere

  1. cant find these anywhere and dont know why they are so big on this screen. they are called the "4136" and they are from the 2008 collection[​IMG]
  2. Sorry, I haven't seen them before, but they're gorgeous! Did you try calling the Chanel 800 number?
  3. try to call Nordstrom seattle, i think i saw a similar one today but not remember if it is the exact same one

  4. thanks I did. The lady got my information down and told me that a Chanel boutique (i believe) will contact me and contine with the rest of the sale within 24-48 hours.

    wish me luck! they had the color that I was eyein as well (thank goodness)
  5. I think I saw a very similar pair at Bloomie's in SoHo. Give them a call!
  6. I got the aviators similar to these and I love them..
    let me find my picture
    I love these and get lots of compliments on them
    what color combo did you get with yours ?
  7. ^^ jesus peace...those are hot!!

    i got the grey and black combo. they are suppose to be here tomorrow
  8. ^ cant wait to you get them post a picture..
    I had this style in silver and black- but my one of my girlfriends borrowed them and loved them- so she paid me for them...
    I let them go because I already have live 7 chanel sunnies as it is....
  9. ^ will do!!
  10. glad you found them. i saw those at Saks in NO