can't find the price of this bag!

  1. anyone know off the top of their head how much roxbury drive is? in US$$ :biggrin:
  2. Last time I checked, I THINK it was $975?
  3. hmm..ok thanks ;)
  4. Just got it off eluxury, and it costs $875.
  5. And, I spoke to the Copely Square LV yesterday and they have 2 Roxbury Drive bags in pomme d'amour for 875.00
  6. I really like the roxbury drive.
  7. Roxbury Drive in pomme d'amour is such a pretty bag!
  8. Never seen that bag.. Picture? :smile:
  9. i know. i was considering pomme d'amour.
  10. It's a cute bag, out of stock at Elux, check vernis club