Can't find the leather luxe bowler. Think I'll regret the patent?

  1. Will I be able to use this in seasons to come or will it look too trendy?
  2. I personally prefer the luxe bowler in metallic black over the patent ones.. :yes: I guess its more timeless but at the end of the day if u love the look of the bag, patent of not.. you should get it :yes:
  3. I don't know. Patent comes and goes. Do you love it?
  4. Maybe try your best to find leather one, if you absolutely can't find it..then, get patent..but not sure if you will be happy with the 2nd choice though. Patent is nice too, but not as nice as the metallic one or the leather ones.
  5. I have the patent, and I think it really dresses up the bag. Patent may be especially 'hot' right now, but patent leather started in the 60s and has been coming in and out ever since. And even though I also love metallic styles, metallic could be just as 'trendy.' At the end of the day, it's what YOU prefer, regardless of trend.
  6. I'm desperate to find the leather version as well *sigh* but I'm not goign to get the patent........I think it looks wrong..
  7. My Patent gets so many great comments and envious looks I couldn't imagine not having such a shiny bag!! Also, living in the Northwest with tons of rain I never have to worry about her being ruined by getting wet. If you are not in love with Patent Leather than don't buy it.
  8. Patent always comes back around in style, but like anything else it doesn't matter if you don't love it personally! Even if you love the style bag, don't choose the patent if you feel you are "settling" for something that's not your 1st choice. (JMO - but you deserve a bag you luv!) :yes:
  9. if alot of PFers are young (like, under 35), they may not realize the timelessness and classicness of patent leather............yes, there's a resurgence of it now so it seems trendy, but it is quite classic and always in style, has been around for ages

    but also, metallic is the new "black" and here to stay unless its the shiney showgirl kind like gold lame
    muted metallics are where its at...:smile:
  10. I appreciate the help. I ordered the Patent today and did love it but am just worried that in 6 months it will look dated. W/ 2 little kids the patent is a lot easier to care for as well.
  11. congrats :biggrin:! be sure to post photos!! and can existing patent owners post some pics too!