Can't find sharpei bag

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  1. Any advice on how to locate the impossible? I am looking for the attached bag in brown. I called Chanel's customer service and they couldn't locate it. According to them it was bought by Neimans and Bloomingdales but when I phoned both stores (the 1-800 number) they couldn't help me because I only have Chanel's style number. :sad:

    Any advice? Thank you in advance.
  2. call my NM store, ask for Sonya or Kimberly in Handbags, tell them Amanda said "Hi"
    They had them last time I was there a week or so ago:
  3. My Nordies has this too. I was there 2 days ago.
  4. I have this bag..I got it thru a CHANEL boutique and I was told it was sold out in the CHANEL stores.FAB BAG!LOVES IT!
  5. I have this bag also. Took forever to get and locate. Got it on a whim through someone returning it. I called every store in the US, Neimans, Saks and Chanel locations, no one had it.............. Try eBay...
  6. Thank you ladies so much. :tup:

    Hey Swanky, I may be in Dallas for Christmas! Is the Chanel in Highland Park (I think that's the area) nice? Good inventory?

    Jill, I saw your bag and it only added to my madness!
  7. ^I know,LOL!
    i truly adore this bag to death!!!!its the nicest leather ever.....!hehe!
    Its the first bag I ever spent over 3000 dollars on too so THAT says ALOT!
    Hope u find one!!!!Good luck!
  8. try calling nordstroms in downtown seattle that's where i found my black one!! good luck!
  9. ^^Yes, that Chanel is nice, talk to Alexis {male}
    I prefer the Shops of Willowbend NM but they get different stock.
  10. Thanks!! I will definitely have to check it out. I may be there for quite a few days. I've never been to Dallas (outside of the airport) believe it or not. Looking forward to being in Cowboy country. :wlae:

  11. make sure and Shops @ Northpark Mall . . . VERAH good shopping!
    No Chanel but there's everything else!
  12. I was sooo tempted to snatch up this gorgeous bag yesterday but the only one left is white'(ish) I don't even want to think about getting that beautiful lambskin dirty~ If you decide to go for white there is one left at NM Stanford.
  13. Thanks Malley. I ended up going with it in brown.