Can't find MC Mini HL in White...

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  1. on the Elux site or the Louis Vuitton France website...

    any idea what the story is...has white been discontinued?
  2. I believe the MC Mini HL has been discontinued.
  3. ^^^ I have heard that also...
  4. [​IMG] Louis Vuitton
    Mini HL
  5. what? really? discontinued in both colors?
  6. Oh no! I wanted to get one for my daughter. Boo.
  7. I have heard that LV is planning to d/c the Mini HL...

    Any SAs here to give us a heads-up?
  8. i cant imagine they really sell thattttt many. it doesnt seel like a very practical bag especially for the money.
  9. i like it~~~** when is it gonna be discontinued?
  10. I read somewhere that they have problem with glue/color bleeding in the white. A few Tpf members had the problem and managed to exchange them for a new one or something, LV acknowledging that it was a known defect.
  11. I agree..I really wanted one at one time but realized it'd be better to get a PTI wallet instead.
  12. I have this in black and its so cute:smile: I havent had any issues with it

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  13. is it really discontinued??? oh no...i just sold mine.... haha

    i guess it was okay when i sold it cuz i didn't think i was gonna use it but then it's a different story that it's discontinued....i wish i still have it :sad:
  14. Yep discountinued...what is in inventory is it...I am sure there are still some out there, call 866 ;)

  15. Thanks for the heads up! Will try to go to Valley Fair tomorrow.