Can't find date code on my LV Monogram

  1. I purchased a LV Speedy 30 and a LV Monogram in July 2006 from LV in Brisbane - they were the first of my purchases. After reading the replies on this site, I have now located the date code on my Speedy 30 but am still unable to find a date code on my Monogram. It is frustrating. Can someone please help. Many thanks.
  2. What is the actual name of your other Louis Vuitton?
    Monogram Canvas is the material the purse is made of, the actual purse has a name.:flowers:
  3. Sorry, it is a Monogram Multicolore Priscilla. Thanks.
  4. Firstly congrats they're beautiful bags!:love: I'm not sure where but get a torch ready and check the seams of the inside patch pocket.:yes: Have fun.