Can't find anything in my LV handbag...

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  1. I've been buying Louis Vuitton small leather goods and agenda for quite some time. Lately, I've noticed if I carry too many "Monogram Canvas" items in my handbag, it's almost impossible to find anything. It's driving me nuts ~

    Does anyone else notice that it's hard to distinguish between your wallet, cosmetic bag, or agenda? I find this happens in both the dark & light colored interiors.

    My Collection: Monogram Canvas Alma, Speedy 35, Trouville, Babylone Deauville, Delightful MM, Cabas Mezzo & Alto, Sac Tote MM, Mini Looping, Croissant MM, Mini Noe, Compiegne GM 28, Compiegne 23, Vintage Cosmetic Pouch, Agenda MM, Vintage Saks Checkbook Cover, Etui Cles Peasge, French Purse, Flat Coin Purse, Vintage Checkbook Wallet, Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Khaki Pochette Porte Monnaie Wallet, Vintage Saks Pouch Wallet, Vintage Eyeglass Case, Keepall 50 & 60, Vintage French Co Garment Bag Luggage, Sac Souple 45, Centenaire Damier Soho Backpack, and EPI Dauphine Brown Cosmetic Bag….

    My Wish List: Vernis Alma MM in Amarante w/ matching wallet, Monogram Canvas Alma Voyage, Monogram Canvas Vintage Chantilly PM, Centenaire Damier Cruiser 45 Bag, Damier Azur Siracusa, Damier Azur & Ebene Matching Accessories…
  2. Absolutely!
    I try to Always get an other Canvas / leather color for my small lv accessoires
    My fav one is my multicles in pomme d'amour!
    It is also helpfull when I need my DH to grab something in the bag. I just have to tell him it's in the red or blue pouch.
  3. Yes!!!! Sometimes it's like a "where's Waldo" thing going on in my bag!!!!!:lol:
  4. That's why I have pomme accessories! :biggrin:
  5. not a problemo for me since every single slgs is in different material or pattern ;)
    Iris wallet, DE cles, vernis keyholder, rayures cosmetic pouch/KY yellow cosmetic pouch, KY agenda...easy peasy. :tup:
  6. Not me ! I don't overloaded my purse with
    all Lvs ;) try to color coding since I'm very
    Impatient :biggrin: