Can't explain it...

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  1. Usually I am not a very big Coach person... but, I have been bit by the Coach bug... I have spent way over $400.00 in Coach items this month!!! And it's not even close to over!! I just can't get enough!

    AHH!!! Someone help!
  2. You're asking a bunch of Coachies for help??? HAHAHA! :roflmfao:
  3. lol I know it's a cry in vain!lol
  4. haha... its like asking crack addicts, for the 12 steps... Good luck on that one..
  5. LOL you have come over to the dark side, my friend! It is addicting, I tell you! :devil:

    Welcome to this side of the forum, though - we are looking forward to seeing all those purchases that I am sure will come... :graucho:
  6. Heehee! I was a total LV and Balenciaga freak for a looooong time, had a ton. I've alway had one or two pieces of Coach but now IM ALL ABOUT COACH!! I love the bags, the Coachies here and the prices! You can get so much more for your $$$! :wlae:Welcome to your new addiction LOL!!
  7. LOL! I love it!!!! And coming here will only make it worse (or better?--depending how you look at it!) Coach is a great do get more for your buck!
  8. Welcome! I'm on the same boat as you too. Used to be an LV addict for many years and just recently returned to my love for Coach. Their pieces are so fun, low maintenance, and affordable! I get more compliments on my Coach than I do with my LV.
  9. Hook, line, sinker!:lol:
  10. It's nice to branch out to different designers. When that bug bites, it'll keep biting!:yes:
  11. I've been a coach lover since I was maybe 7 or 8! Im 25 now....I blame my mom!!! She had a coach bag and I remember asking her for the hangtags from her bags(she never let me have I know why!). She got me my first one and it was alll over!! I love LV and have 2 of those but always find my way back to coach! Such a great brand and ever changing styles! Not to mention a bit more affordable! Welcome to the dark side my friend!! lol :graucho:
  12. Well, I just decided enough is enough. I figure for each of these bags I could get a fabulous vacation!

    Maybe if you think about the "instead of" it will inspire you.
  13. Ha ha! "Coach is my crack" is under my name for a reason! Welcome to the addicts club ;)

  14. The lady knows what she's talking about!!!

    As for help to stop buying Coach...that ain't gonna happen here!!! :P I would have to take a LOOONG vacation from this forum to be able to do that, lol!!
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I agree. Wrong place.