Can't descide between Delightful and Portobello...

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  1. Heeeeelp!! I'm totally in torn between the delightful and portobello pm since a very long time.

    could you post some pros and cons for these bags? maybe somebody who owns both of it can post some pics with them.

    thank you very much!
  2. i feel like this comes down to whether you want mono or de. i have the delightful and i love it. the strap took some getting used to for me, but i have the mm and it fits over a winter coat, and doesnt overpower my frame when worn without. the slouchy look took some adjusting as well, but when i lay it the way i like it looks gorgeous. i like open top bags, so there isn't an issue with that for me.

    the delightful has a zipper, so that might be a pro.
  3. delightful is nicer
    the gm is even better :smile:
  4. I have the Delightful MM and I love it. It's such a comfortable bag.
  5. I love love love my delightful! It's a comfy easy bag!
  6. I have both but i'd been using my delightful more because of the comfy strap

  7. +1!!!!😃
  8. Hi I also debated on this; but I chose the Delightful pm because its capacity was larger than the portobello mm but smaller than the portobello gm, which I found too big.. :smile:
  9. definitely try them on! i love the port but could NOT wear it. tried it more than once. the delightful has a soft strap that is much more comfy. that being said, if i could wear the port i would buy it. i love the look of it but the strap hurt my shoulder a lot. some people also find the handle obstructs the opening and makes it hard to unzip. also be aware that there have been some issues with the port canvas cracking near the strap anchors. good luck, they are both beautiful bags.
  10. +2
  11. My vote is for the Delightful, it is such comfortable bag to wear.
  12. I own both and my vote goes to the Delightful!! It has always been my go to comfy bag. :biggrin:
  13. I have both too and I would say the delightful more comfy overall but since my port is newer I carry it more and it's worry free for winter weather.
  14. That's a tough decision to make! I have both bags and like them both. I will say that without a doubt the Delightful strap is more comfortable for me.
  15. Go for the delightful. I tried on both the bags, delightful is more comfy.. But the portobello looks prettier.