can't decided

  1. Should i use my pochette or speedy 25 sorry for the random question i just cant decide
  2. sorry for the mispelling it the title
  3. Well, your speedy will hold more, I guess it just depends on what you'll be doing today.
  4. Yes, Speedy :smile:
  5. Speedy
  6. Speedy. I am using mine today too. :smile:
  7. speedy gets my vote.
  8. depends on where you're going.
  9. ^^agree depends on where your going/what your taking
  10. im just going to say speedy.
  11. guess it depends on what you're doing /going and what you need to take with you?
  12. if you'll need 2 free hands today, go for pochette, otherwise speedy!!
  13. :yes:
  14. Can't go wrong with a speedy....
  15. speedy.