Can't decided about editorial!

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  1. I was at the outlet and bought a gray editorial zoe #12775 which has the braided strap. The leather is very soft and light which makes the bag not heavy at all. Since there was no extra discounts this week, it cost around $435.00. Just curious if anyone has this bag and what are your comments.
    THANKS SO MUCH:biggrin:
  2. do you have pics? i don't have this bag but would love to see any photos if you have them! the zoes seem to be wonderful bags. i finally got to an outlet but they had no editorial ones at all. good luck whatever you decide!
  3. i think they're GORGEOUS...especially, the braided strap editorials...they are BUTTERY SOFT!!!! that's a hefty price for the outlets but you still scored it for under half of the retail price!! i just bought the cream colored one & it's so incredibly soft! thing is, she's very big...probably the biggest bag i have!!

    my vote is...if you can afford it...keep her!! congrats!!!!!
  4. i have the editorial zoe in fawn and LOVE her...i say keep/get her if your budget allows!
  5. I have one I just got from the outlet and absolutely LOVE IT! I would definitely keep her!!! This was a $1000.00 bag and the leather is super soft. I have been waiting for this one to show up as I wanted it last fall!!! I think this is the best color too as it wont show much dirt like the parchment or light blue color. My store already sold out of them too!
    U should definitely keep it!!!:tup:
  6. I love the grey color and the strap. If you can afford to keep it, do it!
  7. As long as you can afford to keep her, do so! She's absolutely gorgeous and has the some of the softest leather I've ever felt!
    If I could find this bag at the outlet for $435, she'd be mine!