cant decide!

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  1. Hi everyone my budget isnt huge so i'm stuck between buying a kate spade or michael michael kors bag budget $250, which one is the better option?
  2. I don't own any Kate Spade bags, but I do own a few Michael Kors bags. My vote is for Michael Kors.
  3. They're pretty similar in quality as far as I can tell.

    The differences are more about perception/reputation IMO. And a little bit on style. MK seems a bit more flashy, but also suffers from some negative perception around its tendency towards "inspired by" design.

    KS less so on that complaint (design), but I have heard some spotty commentary on overall durability and I have definitely seen some older KS's that didn't appear to have held up all that well. But I think it depends how carefully you shop and what leathers/materials the bag you choose is made from. Also color... the lighter bags show wear and tear a lot faster for both brands.

    If I were you, I would boil it down to a couple different designs from each collection, then compare and contrast. You can't really go "wrong" with either brand in that price range.

    Happy Shopping!
  4. Are you looking at any bags in particular?
  5. I do not know anything about MK but Kate spade has great customer service-my cousin took in a quilted bag (after using it for a couple of years) to see if they could fix the stitching, and they gave her replacement credit towards a new one.

    I personally love KS's whimsical styles and colors.
  6. Michael kors
  7. Look at Fossil. They have some great leather, cute and very affordable.
  8. Michael Kors!
  9. My vote goes to Kate Spade. You could also do some Tory Burch bags. I would appreciate the MK bag asthetic more if they didnt slap on huge monograms or MK hardware on all of the bags which makes it look cheap and tacky. My MK is branded but the hardware is small and discreet compared to most MKs.

    Kate Spade bags are very classic and even conservative and all of my Kate Spades are good quality. Some of them can veer on boring too but my collection is at least half Kate Spades.