Cant decide!

Which one should I get?

  • J12 in Black

  • Chanel Bouble Quilt Bowler in Black with G HW

  • Gucci New Jackie Grey Bag

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Nov 18, 2007
Hey Ladies!
I cannot decide what to get. Here are my options:

Either I can get the 38mm Chanel J12 in black (the classy normal one) or I can get the Bubble Quilt Bowler from the Paris Moscou Line with Gold Harware or I could get the Gucci New Jackie bag in this beautiful new grey combination.
Now my problem.
1) I have the J12 38 mm in white and a Rolex Datejust with whitegold and rose backround. I am planning on getting the submariner with a blackground in the next few years as I love it, so I dont know if its such a good decision to get the black J12 now. Also I was told by several watch experts friends that the J12s are beautiful watches but have a bad resell value as its considered as a fashion watch compared to rolex or omega etc.
I love the black one, but from experience I wear the white only on occasions as I think its a bit too heavy compared to my rolex.

2) The Bubble Quilt Bowler in black with goldhardware; its not even sure if its possible to get this bag, as its sold out all over europe except in paris and I havent called paris yet if they are willing to send it to me. The Chanel SA at my store told me there is only a slight chance they will as they only have 5 left... and Madrid has 2 I think. I first wanted the light grey one but this color is seriously sold out in whole of europe. not even paris have any left. So there is a 10 % chance that I can actually get this bag.

3) I know, no chanel, and actually never buy gucci as I hate the GG signs on all of their bags, but there is this new jackie o bag out, its re designed and much bigger then the ones they had out in the past year. I love the color combination... and its very stunning and stands out from all the other bags I recently saw (picture attached). But I know it will be hard to wear, especially in winter as its light grey with dark grey and I normally aways wear beige and brown tones. This bag is also a oppertunity.

And last, sorry for my long post but I seriously need some opinion here - I could also get the YSL Easy Bag in Dark Blue (Love dark blue clothing, but wear beige and brown and black coats in winter?! and black or brown boots??!) or maybe even in black... if they can order it from another store...

So, ladies now help me to decide. Is it the watch or a new bag.
I have soo many bags, so I thought another watch would be a clever Idea, but then again, do I really need a new j12!?

Help me ladies! ;):nuts:


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Nov 26, 2006
My vote is for the black J12! Once you buy a white J12 watch, you start obsessing about getting it in black.


Dec 27, 2008
Yep. Definitely the J12. But if you find yourself obsessing over any of the other bags, then get it instead. You won't feel satsified until you've gotten what you wanted. Don't just settle.