Can't decide!

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  1. Help, I can't decide whether to order the MAM in yellow/silver or tangerine!!!
  2. I think the Yellow/Silver is amazing and so unique... Go for it!
  3. Tangerine is my favorite of all time!
  4. i think the yellow is a tad more special, but both are great!
  5. yellow/silver
  6. I would prefer the yellow/silver too.

    I think you should order both, and keep the one you like more irl, and return the other, as sometimes it's hard to judge from pictures.
    The leather plays such an important part in the decision-making. :yes:
  7. yellow for sure!!
  8. yellow/silver
  9. yellow/silver is gorgeous!!
  10. the yellow silver is gorgeous! however i have the tangerine and it is really easy to take care of! I toss it around all the time!
  11. both :nuts:
  12. Tangerine!!
  13. I'd go for the Tangerine!
  14. I'm voting for Yellow/Silver :yes:
  15. Love my tangerine. But the yellow is really pretty too.