Can't Decide....

  1. between Kooba Sienna and Bulga med. butterfly. Which one do you think is most versatile? best size?
  2. what color of each?
  3. I love both bags. Have lots of Siennas - my favorite Kooba - and 3 Bulga butterfly bags - med gray, large coral, large banana, large purple. Had a medium turquoise and London but sold them. Bag is good size for most people but I lug around everything. Bigger one works for me so pulled gray one from closet yesterday during collection downsize. Bulga makes wonderful bags though. Lambskin is so soft, it almost feels wet, spectacular colors (especially in the Spring/Summer), and very pretty, colorful print interiors. I don't think a collection is complete without at least one Sienna and one of these Bulga Studded hobos (Butteryfly) bags.
  4. i, too, have a sienna and a butterfly...i'm thinking about selling the butterfly on eBay...the leather is squishy and to die for and it's roomy and i love it, but, don't know if i can justify keeping it now!!! so, i think they're both amazing bags...sienna leather is a little more durable i think...
  5. I love them both, but they're very different bags..Don't you think you need one of each?:graucho:
  6. If forced to choose I would say the Sienna. It's such a great all around bag - roomy without being too big, durable, to die for leather, and of a style I think is just timeless AND practical.