Can't decide

  1. Which would make a better everyday bag:
    1. luxe tote
    2. cambon reporter; small

    I have to decide quick because of eBay. TIA I'm 5'3" if that helps.
  2. luxe tote. for me reporter bag looks like a sport bag so if you want a bag for eveyday i'll say luxe tote
  3. luxe tote +1
  4. Luxe tote!
  5. My other choice would be a large cambon tote. I wouldn't be so neurotic if all the bags were in one place, at one time and I could look at them all at once and try them onl. Throw time limits into the equation and it really mixes things up! TIA for putting up with me. Who else would understand this obsession. The white coats would be after me.
  6. Luxe tote!
  7. luxe tote
  8. luxe tote. :yes:
  9. luxe tote
  10. luxe tote all the way
  11. Luxe tote!
  12. definitely luxe tote.
  13. Ditto to almost all the above - luxe ! :yes:
  14. i would do the luxe tote.
  15. Another vote for the Luxe, soo pretty.