Can't decide which Wallet!!

  1. oops i forgot to add...where can i buy these wallets in toronto? i dont think theres a boutique..correct me if im wrong... does holts have?
  2. Bump... Anyone???
  3. Dear XoXo Chanel,

    I bought two Miu Miu wallets in the last month Full Price since I doubt that they will go on sale. But I wanted the shiny long wallets in both bright red and peony pink which were seasonal colors. My advice is to buy something now if you really love it!:yes:

    You can buy from the Saks website. They will ship to you. I hope this helps!
  4. there is a prada on bloor not sure if they sell miu though.

    go to holts, i see miu accessories there all the time
  5. I like the second one :smile:
  6. I like the last one. I like the patent leather, and it looks classy.
  7. I like the first and the last ones... but I may be biased because I prefer wallets that snap rather than zip. The brown on the first one is gorgeous (to me) and black on the last is so classy like jjensen said.

    Good Luck!!!