Cant decide which vintage bag.

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  1. Found these two vintage bags. Can't decide which color. Opinions?


  2. Red! That's an awesome bag. Why are the straps different?
  3. You take the black and I'll take the red?!!!! Lol...beauties!
  4. I like both!
  5. I see on another thread that you are really into vintage. What would you say would be a fair price to pay for either of these?
  6. I would take the red but then I like color. I believe the black one doesn't have the original strap. It looks like a strap from a basic bag. I have this bag in mint green, shown below. I would say that based on ebay prices, usually the red one will go for more than the black. A fair price would depend on the condition and where you are getting them. Generally you would pay more on ebay than at a thrift store because of the fees and the larger market.
  7. Red red red! Both are nice but the red one really pops! Beautiful vintage bags!
  8. The red really makes a statement and the leather looks like it is in great condition.
    When I can't decide I get both:P
  9. Love the red!!!!
  10. Pick the red one.
  11. The blue is nice as well! But the red is adorable!
  12. Both are beautiful!! Good luck! Let us know what you decide;)
  13. Red bags in general are harder to find.
  14. I would go with the one that looks to be in best condition. If they're about equal, I would go with red. That red is lovely! But also keep in mind black is easier to rehab, if the bag needs it.