Can't decide which to get! HELP! :)

  1. Well, this is my first post, and of course, I'm asking for HELP!

    I'm getting my second Coach bag; my first is a khaki/gold gallery tote. I can't decide which bag to get. My finalists are:

    the parchment medium Carly-I'm worried about the color though

    the black or brown sig medium Carly

    the white Ali-though again, worried about the color

    the natural Ali

    I like bags that are on the smaller side, so I'm wondering if the Ali (not the slim one) will be too big.

    There's my dilemma. I would greatly appreciate your feedback!
  2. The Ali is big - I vote for the black or brown Carly!
  3. I have the medium brown sig carly and LOVE it!! It is the perfect size and is very beautiful! It works with everything I wear and can be carried for all seasons!

    Welcome to the boards and good luck deciding! We would all love to see pics when you bring your new baby home ;)
  4. Thanks! What do you girls think about wearing the brown Carly with black clothes? I'm kind of weird about that, but I could be the only one. ;)
  5. Welcome! :welcome: My pic is the Medium Chocolate Carly! :yes: I don't think it would be weird! :nogood: Brown and black look good together! :tup:
  6. I would say ALI ALI ALI!! but if you don't like big bags, the carly may be for you. I have to tell you though, i am not a fan of real big bags either (aka LARGE carly) and I just love my ali I just got.. she is not too big, hangs just right, so soft and SO comfotable!! As a matter of fact, I just ordered a white one too!! Anyway, you can't go wrong.. personally I love the caly in siggy and the ali in leather.. the white is beautiful and the natural is also. Good luck!! :tup:
  7. ITA!