Can't decide! Which strawberry do I get?!

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  1. I have been obsessing over the Coach charms and keyfobs lately, and I just can't decide which strawberry to get! Should I get the 3D one or the leather one? I may get both if they are both equally special, but currently I'm not sure if I'm just obsessed! Please help!! I'll also get the snail charm from the boutique when I go tomorrow...:shame: been so bad about these charms lately!
  2. Oops, can't believe I forgot the pictures!! These two:
    strawberry.jpg 92282_gdrd_a0_front.jpg
  3. I love love love my sig/leather one so I vote for that :tup:
  4. Well to me I would need both :graucho::P The charm goes on the outside of the bag and it accerizes the actual purse , the key fod is for my keys which is a seprate from my purses , so i need both , Okay I probaly did not help but they are very cute !
  5. Both charms are cute. If i had to choose, I would get the 3D strawberry charm.
  6. The second one!
  7. I like the leather and signature charm better. I'm also scared that the 3-D fob would get nicked and chipped and would ruin easier from use. Also the fob reminds me of a Juicy fob I saw a while ago.
  8. I need both because the leather/signature one has brass hardware and matches my bags! I don't have that one, though. I do have the 3-D strawberry and it's my absolute favorite keyring of them all. It is solid and made well and oh so luscious. It looks better in real life than on the pic.
  9. i love the leather/signature one. it's a beautiful shade of pink and looks cute! i vote for that
  10. the leather strawberry and the snail too!
  11. I like the first one best.
  12. I prefer the charm over the keyfob. Way cuter IMO!
  13. I like the 3-D one!
  14. 3d its sooooooo cute
  15. I like the 3-D better! I almost bought it last weekend.

    I hate that most of the charms are not finished on the back side, and of course, that's the side that always shows when I carry my bag. I just can't get them to hang right!! So that's one reason I really like this don't have to fuss with it.