Can't Decide which Paddy !!!!!

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  1. Hi, I am knid of new to the Chloe World. This formu made the paddy grow on me. Our local Bloomies has the choc paddy and the blanc )off-white). I am on a waiting list for the whiskey. The SA said something should come in soon. Anyway, I can't decide which color to get!!

    1- I just got a chocolate brown Spy so I don't want another brown. Plus I wear black shoes, sandals almost all the time.
    2- I LOVE the blanc but too afraid of getting it dirty. I want to use this for everyday (grab and go). I have errands, grocery shopping, kids and sometimes take public transportation. It might not take the abuse.
    3- I like the whiskey, but it will not go with alot of my clothes. I have pinks, turquiose, purples, blues.
    I know the tan is not available these what should I go for???
    Our local Bloomies has the ivory paddy for 20% off! I have to make a decision today.........very tempting.

    Thanks for your input. Would love to hear other paddy owners opinions.
  2. Based on your lifestyle and wardrobe I would suggest a noir paddy, (black) - or, possibly a jeans moyen paddy.

    Since you know you want one you can call around to Neiman's and Bergdorfs or shop online to get one.

    With your wardrobe I am not seeing the whiskey as a good match, and I agree I think you would worry about the cream a lot...

    There is always the mousse with silver hardware; it looks great with neutrals and blacks; but, not so much with pinks/peaches/pastels.

    Maybe the taupe would be the best bet for you :idea:

    My advice would be to also call Chloe South Coast Plaza; this is where I bought mine, I faxed them an order form and within 2 days I had my mousse paddy.
  3. Thanks.. I do wear alot of blues and pastels. The mousse is gorgeous. Do you ever get tired of it? I actually do not have a bag in the blues family in my whole collection.

    I saw the black and didn't think it was special. It just doesn't stand out ! Plus I have other black bags.

    I am verrrrrrrrrrrrry tempted to go for the ivory color. This years is slightly lighter, which makes it more prone to getting dirty or scratched. I can always return it.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I don't buy bags very frequently, but when i do they are well thought out. My husband thinks I am nuts.

    I LOVE THIS FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh my!! Go for the ivory color at 20% off. It will match EVERYTHING and duh it's 20% off :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    I just bought a used vanilla/natural colored one for thwe same reason. The match factor :biggrin:
  5. Chloe Ivory Paddy's are 20% off?? I disn't realize paddy's could go on sale! anyway...definitely get it if it's on sale. that would be a great deal :biggrin:
  6. I tend to use my b-bags so much that I can't get tired of the paddy - I think I am going to use it tonight since we are going out to a nice restaurant for dinner. I was trying to sell it - but, since no one was interested I am going to keep it. :amuse:

    It sounds like you really want the cream one - I say go for it!!!

    20% off does make it all the better, and you have other bags to use when you are doing things that could get the bag dirty.
  7. yeah i know its very tempting> i think i am going to go for the ivory and if i come home and don"t like it i can always return it

    stupid question: ivory is not the same as taupe?
    from what i understand taupe is litle darker and ivory is an off_white ?
  8. Correct - Taupe is not the same as ivory. :biggrin:

    Good luck - let us know how it goes.
  9. The blanc (ivory) color is not that light this year, and I think it would withstand some abuse and not really show dirt that much since it's a rich color. And at 20% off, you can't pass that up!

    BUT, there is a grey with silver hardware coming out for fall. I posted a swatch on another thread, it looks like a grey-green but more toward grey...not the mousse, but a darker version with more of a grey tone. If that interests you, you can get on the list for that one and it should arrive around August.
  10. Hmmm...all too good. I want them all! I like the gold(brass) HW better actually, so I think I am going to either go today and get the ivory or try to find a taupe somewhere. I found taupe at LVR for 1065 pounds which is almost 1,900 dollars!
  11. I would snag the blanc/ ivory with that discount! :nuts: It goes with everything. One downside is it's more of a spring/summer bag, not an all seasons bag.

    On the other hand, I think whiskey is a really nice neutral color. It's more a dark tan rather than orange like it shows in pictures. I can wear my whiskey with almost everything, including pink, purple, green... I'm not a fan of taupe in the regular satchel because I don't think this color does much for the look of the bag. It looks better in the other styles such as zippy & pocket though. The mousse is very nice I like that too :P
  12. I so agree with lovensparkle! ^^^ My whiskey goes with quite a bit. It is bright, but not in an annoying way. That said... my other paddy style is a mousse pocket and it goes with EVERYTHING.

    The ivory/blanc colors are great in the Paddy too. Absolutely stunning. While I was waiting for mine, it was my desktop. When I got it though, the ivory wasn't doing it for me. But I think they would definitely be more seasonal than the mousse or the whiskey. Those two will go year-round, imo. But really, in the end, it's all about what you love, right?
  13. Go for the Blanc ;) ..I love the blanc color :love: I dont think it will get dirty that easy. I have used it a couple af times, it has been on the floor and there are no marks or dirt on it :biggrin:
    paddy x 2.JPG
  14. Cilifene, what is the lock that you have on your blanc? Very clever...cute without the BIG lock!
  15. It is a Hermés lock :amuse: ...I find the Chloé lock too heavy :shame: My Birkin has got a hippo now, so she dont need it :lol: