Can't decide which one!

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  1. I've finally decided on my first ever coach purchases, but need a little help on deciding a couple things. I am definitly going to get the new legacy leather tote in brown, but can't decide between the black leather zoe, or the black leather hamptons caryall. OR...should I get the black leather zoe and and the berry leather hamptons caryall. Im not sure....I really need a black and a brown bag for sure. And I'm not too sure if the berry color of the carryall would match with much....what would i wear that color with? Anyways, hopeully I'm not babbling too much, but any opinions would be great!!!
  2. I like the black leather hamptons carryall. I saw it in person yesterday and its gorgeous, it would go with everything!
  3. Between the Zoe and Hampton's, which one do you like better? As far as color goes...I would cover your basics first (neutrals) and then eventually expand your collection with color. So, I would suggest the brown Legacy tote and then either the Zoe or Hampton's in black. :tup:
  4. Ya, I agree, I probably should just get 2 bags for now....a black and a brown....i'm just not sure which bag i prefer better, the zoe or the hamptons carryall...I like them both equally
  5. Well...the Hampton's bag has double straps and a shorter drop length. Do you have problems with double straps? Would a short drop length bother you? The Zoe has a single strap and a longer drop. It really depends on how you like to wear your bags.
  6. Im wondering about the leather on both of those bags....I know that the hamptons has pebbled leather, and the zoe is smooth....which do u think will hold up better???
  7. Ok, no what! I think I've decided on the zoe-Im more of a simple bag girl, and the details on the zoe are a bit more my style....Do you think the large will be too large??? I'm 5'5-125lbs???? Or should i stay with the regular sized one? which one sits on the shoulder better???