Can't decide which one, paddy or fendi B. HELP!!

  1. Hi guys, im planning to get LV neo speedy in denim and paddy or fendi B.. I will definitely get the LV but can't decide between paddy n fendi B.. love fendi B but always wanted to get a paddy..:P Please help me make a decision..hehe
  2. I would go with the paddy personally. I have had both bags. The Fendi B bag is a great size, but if you definitely getting the LV speedy, the paddy will complement it perfectly :smile:
    You lucky thing :biggrin:
  3. Paddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddy *gasp for breath* paddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddypaddy!!!!
  4. That is a tough decision! I love both!!! If you want to take one off my hands... :smile:
  5. The paddy hands down! I never knew how much I would love this bag until I finally caved and bought one! It is such a fabulous bag, the leather is absolutely amazing, and it is so stylish. I actually like the style of the Paddy much more than the Fendi Bbag- but that is just my opinion. Also, the b-bag is more formal whereas the paddy can be dressed up or down. It really makes a statement!
  6. Paddy most definitely.
  7. the paddy!
  8. I vote for paddy :heart:
  9. I like both, but I am totally leaning toward Fendi B -- it's a statement bag for sure. It can be dressed up and down. Which color & size do you have in mind? Black Patent on Tan Leather in Medium is my favorite.
  10. Another vote for paddy :rolleyes:
  11. Lol, I think here in the Chloe subforum, you'd get more votes for the Paddy. If you post in the Fendi section, it would prolly be the other way around:smile:)

    Here's my vote - PADDY!!!
  12. i always love paddy.. but fendi b is also growing on me.. :P if i do decide to get the fendi b, i'll probably pick the white or black patent leather in large..what colour should i pick for paddy?
  13. Is there a colour that you have your eye on? If you're not too fussed or in a hurry, have a look at LVR's pre-order for their Fall bags. There's quite a variety of colours on offer. They don't have the best pics there though so it makes it hard to know for sure how they'll look IRL.