can't decide which is better

  1. 2003 off white first with long strap


    2002 black first without strap (missing).

    I can't decide. I don't think i'd manage a white bag very well. but i've always wanted a 2002 bag... but i've always wanted to be able to wear messenger style bags....
  2. If you like off white I would get that one. I don't think I'd get a bag without the strap especially the long wonderful ones!
  3. do you think it's easy to maintain off-white?
  4. I'm not good with light colors myself, but have to admit that I like the look of white bags - there's something cool and edgy about them. You can always spray with Apple Garde and perform regular cleaning maintenance with Apple or LMB cleaner... and the long strap is nice!
  5. whites don't last very long with me personally unless it's in patent. if you're going to splurge for a 2002 black, then wait for one with the original strap:smile: