can't decide which flap to get

  1. I am sure I want a black caviar classic flap with gold hardware and woven chain. What I can't decide is whether to get the east west or the medium.

    East west - 10 x 5.5 and $1,700
    Medium - 9 x 6.5 and $2,650

    The $1,000 difference in price seems so drastic compared to the slight increase in size. Now, I am not sure which to get. Can't decide. What to you guys think? Help!
  2. hey waverlinda,

    I'm having the same dilemma! Altho I would love the lambskin!! I dont really the rectangular shape of the east west, so my vote would go to the medium. But on the other hand, the price jump is ridiculous!
  3. If u have the funds, i wuld suggest caviar med/large....if not, then e/w caviar is pretty gd in size too since it's only slight difference as compared to med/large.
  4. med is 2350, you've got the price of the Jumbo there!
  5. I think you might be a bit off with your sizes/prices. The terminology (SML)confuses me, but the one that is 9" is $2225, and the one that is 10" is $2350. The $2650 one is called the jumbo. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!)

    I don't love the shape of the E/W, so I vote for the other one, in whichever size!
  6. Thanks! So that means the 10" is only $2,350. That makes it a lot easier to decide. I like the rectangular shape of the east west though it may be small. If they didn't have the price increase, I would have bought the east west right away. Hmmm. $600 difference between the two. I'm giving myself another day before I finally decide which one to get. Thanks for the clarification!
  7. The medium/large has a double flap. The e/w doesn't. I find that they both fit about the same amount of things. In the end, it's which shape you prefer.
    Why don't you go and try both and try fitting your stuff in each....?
  8. I'm a big bag girl and this is the first time I'm going to get a dainty bag. So I would have to take a lot from my regular stuff to fit into either the medium or ew. I like the shape of the ew but maybe the medium would be better. Still can't seem to decide. Price is also an issue for me.
  9. I just posted a bunch of photos of the east-west, I hope they help! my first Chanel: The East-West flap (lots of pictures) I made the same decision, and the price made a difference to me. I'm happy that even though I went with the smaller bag, it is perfectly functional for me (and I'm used to the overflowing Balenciagas that I use daily).
  10. I like the medium...
  11. i don't like the proportion of the ew, i prefer the medium
  12. my first chanel was a e/w too =] i love the adjustable chain strap so you can use it as a clutch, evening bag, or day bag, if you don't carry a wallet and put your credit cards/cash/change in a little card holder and carry a cell phone, lipgloss, keys, etc you can still fit quite a bit into it. your choice in the end! i love both, but you know if you love chanel, you're eventually going to have both!!! =] maybe a jumbo in your future and some reissues...hmm now im just dreaming