Can't decide which colorway to get in Guepards Scarf

  1. I really love the Guepards scarf but can't decide whether to get it in the black and white or brown color. Does anyone own it --are there any posts of pics? (I tried doing a search but didn't have the patience to sift through 300 posts!) I have blonde hair and don't know if the black and white will make me look washed out. Looking for advice! Thanks!
  2. black and white - you can't go wrong!
  3. i have the brown and gold (i'm actually returning it though- i'm not an animal print person). i happen to love that colorway. it's so warm and rich. truly you can't go wrong with either but i'm partial to the brown.
  4. What about this colourway? I think you'd look smashing in this!

    pampared1's Guepards in toupe-framboise.JPG

    : our lovely pampered1's pic.
  5. that is gorgeous! But, I have too many scarves in roses and pinks--I really have to get other colors! The last one I bought was the Jardin d'hiver which I love.

  6. If you get a chance would you post a picture? I was wondering if the brown is a very dark brown or a chocolate?

  7. Here's a pic of an eBay auction for a Kelly but also featured this scarf.

  8. it more of a chocolatey brown than like ebene- brown black. that's a great pic of it.
  9. I love it in white
  10. That is exquisite! Except now I want the Kelly too!!

  11. I have it! I have one in pale grey..I don't know the actual name of the colorway, but give me a minute and I'll try to get a good pic of it.
  12. [​IMG]


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  13. The brown one below with the kelly is mine. But I have to order this one - too gorgeous. it says toupe and framboise. Is toupe like a grey?

  14. This would be nice on a blonde. The brown would look good on you too.
  15. Ahh, of course, hbird!!! Sorry HB, I should've referenced better.

    I think the taupe part is actually more greyish. MrsS, and I think, Rockerchic, also has this? I'm sure they'll reply when they see this. Isn't it stunning??