Can't decide which color to go for help !

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  1. should I get the black downtown bag or the yellow brown one, any advice ? Thanks a lot !

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  2. I would get black, but I looked at the tan one at Neiman's this past weekend and the leather is gorgeous. So soft and supple. I would still get the black one though. Check out the picture of Maggie Gyllenhal carrying it in the celebs thread. You can't go wrong with either, to be honest.
  3. Thanks !t he tan is so pop out from the jeans, but the black is so durable color so make me hard to decide
  4. I LOVE the tan one :drool:
  5. Moo and Joydaly, can u tell me why u like black or tan ?
    is it because personal color or u think it shows good on the downtown or easy to matching clothes.... somthing like that ? thanks
  6. I love the tan one.
    I think it looks really great.
  7. Another vote for tan!
  8. tan
  9. tan
  10. Tan pops more, but I personally would choose black -- I'm biased b/c I find this color easier to match. You can't go wrong with black or tan though, go with what your heart calls out for. Keep us updated on your decision.
  11. I would personally choose the tan. Gorgeous color
  12. Go for black if you wear a black coat, wear a lot of black, like to match. Go for the tan if you will commit to wearing it with everything (which you absolutely could). Having seen the tan again this weekend I might actually choose that. It all depends on whether you already have a great black bag. I didn't, which is why I got a black muse instead of another color. If you do already have a nice black bag, definitely get the tan. I hope this helps!
  13. another vote for the tan