can't decide which color?? please help!!

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  1. hey ladies,

    i am thinking of getting a mono vernis key and change holder to match my mono vernis "bronze" mott bag.

    i know the bronze colour is discontinued so i don't know now what color of the mono vernis key and change holder should i get it? :confused1::confused1:

    which color you think is the best for vernis bronze bag?

    thanks!!! :P
  2. how about the noisette or perle? i think color-wise both will look good with bronze. you can also get pomme. it's a very pretty and sought-after color. not sure though if it would be matchy with your bag
  3. Of the colors currently available, I think that perle would go best, even though the pomme might be pretty. I don't think that noisette would go well with the bronze.
  4. Perle would be a good match with the Bronze
  5. Ditto on Perle. It's so pristine and lovely.
  6. Perle would be beautiful!
  7. perle would definitely be the best but not sure about the issues with the "light colored" vernis. i think pomme would make a nice contrast.
  8. i would go with perle, that would looks so awesome.
  9. I love the brown and pink combo so I use framboise accessories with my bronze reade. Here's a sample:

    Attached Files:

  10. PEARL, definitely.
  11. I'd go w/Perle :yes:
  12. yes, i think pearl probablyis the best color for bronze.

    but i don't know if it's easy to become yallow and difficult to maintain??
  13. another vote for perle.
  14. thanks for the pic!!

    pink and bronze does combo!!!

    well, i think pink is a good choice too.
  15. Perle. It would be a striking combo.