Can't decide! Which agenda should I get??

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  1. Should I get the monogram canvas small ring agenda or the one with trunks & bags? :confused1:

    Attached Files:

  2. The ones with trunks and bags.
  3. T&B! Too cute to pass up!
  4. trunks and bags! (is this limited?)
  5. T&b ;)
  6. I'll make it unanimous (so far)...

    Trunks & Bags!!
  7. Oh crap... I'm gonna go against the grain here and say the regular monogram. Though the T&B is so cute I could pinch it's cheeks, I think the mono is more classic.
  8. I have the Mono and love it! It's so classy - you could use it still in 10 years.

    Here's mine:

    Hope this helped! :smile:
  9. Im gonna go with regular monogram because my SA says that the T&B motif will get chipped and scratched pretty easily!
  10. Regular Monogram definitely....
  11. I like the Trunks and Bags one too...
  12. UHhhh...hands down...the T&B!!! I am so in :heart: with my Complice Agenda and Cles!!

  13. I'm going to go with the regular mono. I have one and use it everyday. It's such a classic and timeless
  14. my personal favourite is the trunks and bag..
  15. I prefer the T&B!