can't decide whether to preorder vacanze...have you?

  1. what style(s)? with tutti and famiglia coming out larger than expected, i wonder how large the vacanze print will look on the bags. hmmmm.
  2. Not sure, but I did pre-order the Avventura in Vacanze so that I would have the whole print. I love that scene and don't want to miss a thing.
  3. I didn't pre-order, and I don't think I will... Vacanze looks a little cluttered to me, even though it's cute, and I'd feel weird carrying a winter bag around all year :X Older prints for me!
  4. I preordered a zucca from pulse... I don't have any zuccas yet and I think it'd be great in vacanze. though I saw some in tutti yesterday and now I dunnos.... hehe.
  5. i preordered a vacanze zucca... but one night when i was up earlly i was like "hMm... christmas bag in july" then i canceled my order. yea i know some people would rock the winter scene all year but i wouldnt so yea... iono if its really worth payin the 180 for a bag id only carry 2 months a year
  6. vancazne-very cute, but i wont' something small, like a bambino, but i wonder if that would be too small to get a good print placement. oh well, i think i won't pre-order, instead wait to see it real life.
  7. i haven't preordered anything. i want to see how big the print is first. but i'm leaning toward a zucca or avventura. maybe something small too. i'm so in love with this print.:heart::heart:
  8. :yes: yup, play it safe and see it in person.
  9. I pre-ordered one Vacanze bag from Pulse... I'm trying to limit myself to just one for now. :p
  10. i preordered a zucca... i love this print.. cuz i absolutly love winter!!!!! its soo cute!!! i hope the print isnt too big i want alot of it on my bag... i cant wait for it!!
  11. Me too and ITA!! :tup:
  12. i live in asia and have no winter at all but i still want to carry it like the prints as it is bright and bold just like OP :heart:
    i pre-ordered gioco.. i also want to see the whole print but already got 2 bv so can't go for another one and it doesn't have MM. hopeful it turns out good. any of you going with gioco? do you think there will be too many cuts? TIA
  13. I preordered a BV months ago, Casey told me I was their first preorder for it. :smile:

    I figured I could use the BV as a work bag during the winter, but I'm wondering if I maybe I should have gotta a zucca...
  14. I preordered months ago too. I pre-ordered a Denaro, Ciao, Bambino and Zucca. Then I added (maybe) a BV. I just wanted to have first dibs on the list too for print placement cuz we know we can always cancel! lol..

    I know a Bambino will look so cute! I'm not concerned about a wintery theme cause i alternate my bags anyway.
    Plus it's the last toki print! boooohoo =(
  15. too bad i waited to preorder a vacanze bv - they're all sold out on puse now. i think i'll just wait for one on eBay so i can find my perfect placement with adios snowboarding in the middle. ( i love living close to mountains so i can go boarding whenever i feel like it)