Can't decide what to get. . .

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am excitedly looking toward my first LV purchase, and I'm stuck between 3 choices. I want an small/medium size everyday bag that can fit: wallet, cell phone, keys, small note pad, pen and lipstick. I try to keep myself disciplined to just those things or my bag could explode!:yes: I'm caught between the monogram canvas sonatine vs. speedy 25 vs. recital. I like the sonatine and recital's shape but not sure if can fit all the things I need. The speedy 25, of course, is classic but I thought something to carry on your shoulders would be easier so your hands are free. Any advice on what to do would be much appreciated!
  2. the Speedy 25 would be a good bag for carrying your entire life with you, but if you want a shoulder bag, then maybe the Popincourt Haut would be good :yes:. it's not too big, and it fits very comfortably on your shoulder.
  3. I agree with yeuxhonnetes. I think the speedy 25 is great! If you get tired of holding it in your hand, you can hang it from the crook of your arm and that'll free up a hand to grab things. I hear what you mean tho.. that's still not as convenient as a shoulder bag.

    However.. the recital is pretty small and you'd probably have to strategically place all those items you described in order to make it fit in there.. which means it may be a hassle to pull things in and out of the bag!

    Good luck with your choice!
  4. Popincourt Haut~~its sooooo on my list!!!!!
  5. The recital IMO is too small to fit everything you mentioned. It's rather "short" so if you have a larger wallet, the top flaps will not close properly. The Sonatine is roomier and may fit everything you need. I'd go for the sonatine over the speedy 25 - it's a lot cuter IMO! :yes:
  6. I have the recital and the Speedy 25 and I agree that the Recital might be too small for what you want to carry. I can fit a small thin wallet, cellphone, lipstick case and keys but it's a tight fit. The Speedy can carry all that plus a ton more. The Recital is a great evening out bag though. :flowers:
  7. i vote for the speedy! :biggrin:
  8. The recital is tiny as, I think the Speedy is better :smile:
  9. Question: (and don't jump on me) Can't you get a shoulder strap for the Speedy?

    I think, based on what you have stated that you want in a bag, the Speedy might be your best bet.
  10. Yes....people have bought straps for their speedys and I have seen it worn messenger style (strap across the body) doesn't look too bad on the 25.
  11. Recital - $485.00
    Speedy - $595.00
    Sonatine - $615.00

    Sonatine and Recital are overpiced, IMO. Speedy is a good choice (great value for the money too:nuts:) or even Musette Salsa ($665.00).
  12. you can get a strap for the speedy but LV does not recommend it. the bag is not reinforced for a strap therefore the canvas can rip. I have not heard of this happening, but if it does you do not have any recourse through LV
  13. Speedy!!!
  14. SPEEDY!

    Can't wear a sonatine on your shoulder - it is VERY small.
  15. speedy