Can't decide what to get as my next bag...please advice

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Which one for mom of 2

  1. Palermo PM

  2. Beaubourge

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  1. #1 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    I am a mother of 2 (they are 2 and 4 years). From your experience which bag will be suitable for everyday bag ...Palermo PM or Beaubourge ?

    Palermo PM : Love it sooooooo much, but I am afraid the leather becoming dark and have spot. I have to be extra careful with it ( no lotion, no food near it etc)

    Beaubourge: Love it soooooooo much, but can't be carried across the body as I want both hands to be free.

    I would like you opinion. Thanks
  2. Beaubourg! Great everyday bag and escpecially since there is hardly any vachetta!
  3. can the beaubourg stand by itself or has to be laid in the floor
  4. bump
  5. I have the Beaubourg and it cannot stand alone from my experience. I use it basically as a workbag for folders, legal pads and such though with a few small items like a smaller makeup bag for the essentials, sunglasses, key holder, cles etc.

    I also have the Palermo PM. I really like this bag for its versatility. It's great for traveling as well. It has a bigger base than the Beaubourg to. They are both great bags for what you're needing but I think you'll get more use with the Palermo.
  6. Palermo - let it age and grow with you, that's part of owning an LV !
  7. ^^I agree! good luck w/ your decision.
  8. I am loving my Palermo more and more each day. She's comfortable at dinner, business meeting or at a basketball game or in the cart at Sam's club. The shoulder strap is the best. Hands free baby! :tup:
  9. Palermo PM
  10. I have both ~ but voted for the Palermo because of what you need it for ... however the Palermo PM's strap is a little too short to be used as a cross body ... you may have to go with the GM.

    Good luck!
  11. I am thin and really short , so last year when I tried it on, the strap fit across me. I hope I make the right choice at the end as I am still confused !
  12. Palermo is chic and roomy, and can be worn in more ways that Beaubourg. It's a really stylish bag that would work great for a mum with young kids!
  13. The Palermo is beautiful and would be a great choice, but the Beaubourg might be better if you don't want to worry about being so careful around it--especially with two young children. I have a beaubourg and I love that I don't have to really baby it or be so careful with it. Like you said though, only the Palermo could be worn across the body. Let us know what you decide!!
  14. Voted Palermo. It's a nice bag and very versatile since it could be carried multiple ways.
  15. palermo. it can be worn cross body, shoulder, or handheld. the beauborg is cute, but i think you'll get alot more use out of the palermo