Can't decide what to do. Should I get it?

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  1. Yesterday I noticed my Wishlist bag, for an EXCESSIVELY low price. I mean - seriously. And it's not even the MFF. Yes it's pre-owned but the seller accepts returns and says it's in excellent used condition, which is good enough for me.

    I have put myself on a ban though. DH thinks I should get it. Every time I tell him "The timing's not right. I'm not even sure I WANT it in red.." he says "It sounds like you're just convincing yourself."

    I don't know what to DO! What are the chances it'll come around again at that price?? I am really OK with not getting this bag right now. I have my summer bag, and this is more of a travel/carryon type bag, or maybe for fall/winter.
  2. Sounds like you're not really sure, I wouldn't try to talk yourself into it. I've done that before, and then either never used the bag or ended up returning it. If you don't love it and need it now, you probably never will, and there will be plenty of other bags you do really really love.
  3. But then again, it may not come back around. Ugh, I hate decisions, lol!

    I would go ahead and get it. That way you're not terribly dissapointed later. Curious-what bag is it?
  4. It's the red patent Peyton!

    And guess what? My husband just bought it for me. LMAO! Happy V-day and B-day, he says.

    OMG. :yahoo: It's just now hitting me. A LEGACY BAG!!!!!! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. AWw what a wonderful hubby! it is on your list for a reason! enjoy it! and post those pics when u get it
  6. YAY!:yahoo: Heck yeah, I would so have grabbed that one up! She's TDF! Congratulations and what a sweet hubby!

    Now, you'll have to reveal her!:biggrin:
  7. Here she is:

    Red Patent Peyton

    With a money-back guarantee, I really can't go wrong. I don't think I've ever seen one on the bay at this price, AND with a guarantee!

    DH signed into my ebay account and bought it. This morning I was lying in bed, tossing and turning, saying "I bet it's gone, I bet someone bought it." He took a shower (he always takes his computer in there with him, LOL). When he got out he said "So did you check it - is it still available?" I said no, I hadn't. He urged me to check. When I logged in and saw my watch list, I was like.. crap it says ENDED! He goes, "Look a little closer." Sure enough - she was mine!

    I have the bestest hubby ever.
  8. Jen, she is GORGEOUS! How sweet of your DH, he is awesome! I want this bag too, but can't really justify it since I recently got the red patent Zoe.

    Congratulations, sooo exciting!
  9. What a fabulous DH you have! Congrats. on such a beautiful bag! Enjoy!
  10. He is such an enabler! I'm going to get rid of a few other non-Coach bags I never use, in order to justify this, LOL.
  11. You have an awesome DH and you are going to LOVE your new bag!!!
  12. Well, that solves the whole problem ... what a great solution! And what a sweet hubby.
  13. Sometimes things just fall into your lap. Not every single purchase can be carefully planned for--especially when you're talking about bags that aren't in production anymore and are in limited quantities.

    I think that your husband is wonderful to encourage you to get yourself something nice...and I just so happen to agree with him.

    Sometimes I buy bags that I know will "sit" for a while because the season is wrong, or I'm intentionally buying it for an occasion that may be a ways off. Whatever. It's not the end of the world to take advantage of a great deal and then wait for the right time to use it.

    I "approve" this have my blessing
  14. What a sweet way to surprise you! Congrats!:biggrin:
  15. JeninND, how did you find her, I have been searching Ebay for 3days straight under "Coach Peyton" and I never seen that one. What did you search under?