Can't decide - should I go a black First or a brown First?

  1. I recently purchased a camel Twiggy, and have had my eye on the First. Not sure what colour I should go for - black or brown? :shrugs: Opinions?
  2. Since camel is a brownish color, I say black! Unless you already have a lot of black bags?
  3. Go for the black since you already have a camel...I have a '06 truffle city and am eagerly awaiting a '05 black twiggy:graucho:
  4. I would go for a black it's a classic.
  5. ^^ ditto, here's a photo of mine :tender:
    DSCF5102 REV2.jpg
  6. Go for the black one girl.

    U will love it. It`s always nice to wear with al your clothes

    good luck FX:drool:
  7. Black black black
  8. Black! it's a non-negotiable must-have in every girl's collection, IMO :yes:
  9. Black First!!!!
  10. Black :yes:
  11. Black!
  12. Black!
  13. Get a black First so I can drool over the photos! Honestly, it's a wardrobe staple so you can't go wrong. :love:
  14. Black ... no doubt about it!
  15. Black !!!