Can't Decide - PLEASE HELP

  1. OK, I'm liking the "new" spring bags alot. I want a all leather white bag, but can't decide which one will work best for the new spring season and into summer too. I like handbags with a zipper closure. Let me know your vote...thanks.

    [​IMG] Large Carry-All

    [​IMG] Satchel

    [​IMG] OR Hobo

    Which one do you like? Happy New Year!
  2. I think the hobo or the satchel would work well for spring summer.

    The carry-all, as lovely as it is, seems "heavier", and therefore, more of a winter know?
  3. I like the hobo & carryall. I would image the carryall would hold more than the hobo.
  4. Hamptons Carryall. I love them!
  5. Wow!! I am really like the white!!

    I agree - hobo or satchel...
  6. ^ditto.
  7. Thank you...I like the carry-all and satchel. I think classic styles are best for white bags. Still not sure which one yet. I want one now, this minute...I need a Coach fixs.
  8. the carry all. for sure.
  9. WHOA STOP on the carry all if you want a full top zip closure. It is not a full closure. I have it in black.
  10. Have you considered this one? The braided satchel in white?
  11. i have a carryall, too- the zipper is a pain, but i LOVE the style of the carryall, aesthetically.
  12. The braided Hobo...I think it's adorable for spring & summer.
  13. I like the satchel.
  14. I love the looks of the braided satchel, I got the Mia in black leather when it first came out. I returned it, because I was hard for me to get all my stuff that I need to carry around with me. I have a black signature carry-all from fall 2005...I know about the zipper. I just don't want a dog lash closurer like the book tote.