Cant decide! please help

  1. I am trying to decide between these two purses and wallets..

    First choice






    CHOICE # 2



  2. I think it totally depends on what YOU are comfortable with. I ordered the Bleeker Shopper and ended up returning it. It felt too square and boxy for me and it's really large and didn't have any 'give' to it if that makes sense. I've seen it on other ladies here and it looks great and I know some of you love it. It just didn't feel right on me. I love the Madeline - it's definitely classic and classy all in one. I'm drooling over it right now but I must be content with my Leigh and let my checkbook recover a bit.

    Let us know what you decide.
  3. I like the Bleecker better.
  4. I like the bleecker shopper, but I like the second wallet.
  5. I like the Madeline and the Hampton's wallet. I like how simple and lady-like it is!
  6. I think it's just personal preference.. I like the second set better but that being said I have the bleecker checkbook wallet and adore it.. it matches everthing, holds my checkbook, has the great magenta lining and the tatterstal pockets.. its tdf!!! :tup: Good Luck, let us know what you decide! :yes:

  7. ITA!!:tup:
  8. The scarf on the Madeline is just too cute. Although I don't like the Madeline it self... the Bleecker is adorable.

    The first wallet it much better, I dont know what you would do with a wallet with white leather on the inside... Im just not a fan of white hard to clean.
  9. I like the second set. It's just so pretty and I love the little bow on the Madeline!
  10. Hard pick between the two and whatever you decide I am sure you are going to love it. I do think the hampton is a more classic bag though but I like them equally.
  11. I personally like the second set better :yes:
  12. I have to vote for the Bleecker Set...

    I'm on the fence with the Madeline...probably becuase the handles on the bag look odd to me...they don't "flop" down...know what I mean?

    I saw a picture of someone (I forget who, worry!) modeling the bleecker shopper and I just thought it was so adorable and classic. If i could afford it, I'd total get it myself.
  13. I love the Bleecker set. The bag looks more "finished" with the leather flap and I love the darker pink leather in the wallet. :tup:

  14. Same here
  15. I love the Bleecker shopper, but I had to return my Bleecker checkbook wallet because the buckle kept getting caught on the inside pockets of my bag and opening up - just fyi.