Can't decide, please help!!!

  1. just got a call from my SA and my limelight in both colours has arrived. i'm only gonna buy one but i can't decide if i should get the copper or perle, please help me decide.
  2. i think the Copper would be better; it goes with everything. i know that the Perle would also probably go with everything, but carrying the Perle with a light-colored outfit will wash everything out, and carrying it with a dark outfit will make it look too pale. the Copper would be like a pop of color
  3. copper!
  4. I think the perle is more versatile than the copper
  5. Given the choice I would choose the copper color. Let us know what you decide and post pictures.
  6. Hmmm...I like both..hard decision. I guess you need to look at your wardrobe and see what color goes best with your clothes.
  7. copper.........
  8. Both are really pretty, but I'm a huge fan of perle.
  9. Copper! It's such a yummy colour :drool:
  10. Saw both of`them today and I really like the copper!! Good luck with your decision b/c that is a hard one they are both gorgeous colors!! Post pics when you get it!
  11. This is a tough one. I think I would choose the perle. I both saw them in real life and it just seems classier. Both of them are fabulous so I wish you goodLVck!!!
  12. I haven't seen them... I am not much of a clutch gal! I am sure either color will be great!
  13. Copper. It will go with everything better.
  14. I vote for copper too:heart:
  15. IMO the perle which is a silvery colour, would be more versatile than the copper. It would look great with a black outfit too!