Can't decide on which leather for large bucket bag!? Please help....

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  1. Hello :smile:

    This is my first MG bag , I am interested in the large bucket bag but just torn on what color to get . I do not want to do the black or red. I was thinking perhaps the cobalt blue which is on BG for pre-order or the baby pink.. which do you think?

    I have plenty of neutral colored handbags and thought that a color would be fun to add to my collection.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460555574.053163.jpg

    This is storm blue- looks nice!
  3. i'd say out of the two, my vote goes for the peony! although i do favor rosa out of all pink shades (rosa, peony and the new blush). rosa seems to be the most feminine and just all around gorgeous!
  4. I vote for calf coated leather and rosa for sure is my favorite...
    The blue one is very nice. Is it veg tanned leather?? I do like calf coated more than veg tanned for regular size bucket.
  5. I like the calf leather . Blue and sand are gorgeous and easy to match . Of course red and rosa too. ��
  6. Cobalt or rosa!!!
  7. Since you have plenty of neutral colored bags, definitely go for the cobalt blue. Plus, MG's cobalt blue is gorgeous! 😍 💙
  8. The baby pink is a pretty colour but I my vote goes to the cobalt blue. You would worry less about colour transfer with the blue and it is a nice pop of colour to your current collection :amuse: