Can't decide on this beautiful bag!

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  1. Hey TPFers,

    I recently saw this bag in my local Chanel store and was immediately drawn to it. I'm a sucker for seasonal Chanel. It's a tweed/leather combo with Chanel airlines embroidered patches on it. I figured this would be a great travel bag. What I'm worried about is the versatility of the bag, as you can tell it doesn't really match my outfit lol. I'm in my early 20s, and I'm also worried this bag may be a bit mature for me. Please let me know what your thoughts are! My SA says that there aren't that many in stock so I should decide soon.

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  2. Get it if you want a "collectors" piece. Just don't expect to use it with every outfit since it's not something that easy matches/goes with everything.
  3. I almost bought this bag myself as I LOVE it but it was too large on my small frame and looked more like luggage than a bag...If it looked as good on me as it does on you, I'd have bought it in a heartbeat!!! I love Chanel tweed and it's so Iconic that I think it looks great on every age and it's a neutral colored tweed so it will go with many outfits and looks great when worn casually which is perfect for your age :smile: the bag!
  4. I think it's a super cute bag! I personally liked the smaller one in navy/burgundy since it had a crossbody chain and looked more of an every day piece, but I'm loving the concept!!
  5. I love the bag and I do think it goes just fine with your outfit. I'm another lover of Chanel tweed!
  6. It looks really nice on you!👍
  7. I love this bag! Would have probably bought it myself if I saw this. I love this line and I love tweed as well. I don't think it's too "mature" for you at all. It looks young and fresh and I think it can be worn with many types of outfits. I simply love it. Let us know what you decide!

  8. Ahh I haven't seen the smaller one! Do you have a photo of it? I know I love the airline patches so so much! :P
  9. I know right, I haven't been this excited about a tweed Chanel bag....It's a little big on me too, so there's that. I was worried it looked too mature on me but you've assured me ;) thank you
  10. Honestly, I'm not a fan. The frayed edges and patches look a little messy. I haven't been a fan of any of the airplane themed items. And it does look heavy and "older" whatever that really means. LOL!

    If you really love it, however, you should get it. But if you are on the fence, perhaps wait for something that is so beautiful to you that you can't help but buy it! 😊
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