Can't decide on the color?

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  1. Hi Goyard Lovers, My first time to purchase St Louis and i am torn between black/black and burgundy :confused1:

    Help me decide which one should i get? Thanks:roflmfao:
  2. Personally I prefer black/tan. I bought a black St Louis GM Black in May but later decided that black/tan would be a better color. So I sold the black since I am going back to Paris end next month.
  3. Burgundy from your two choices.
  4. I have black on black and just LOVE it! Got a croisiere in the same combo. They look really great when I carry them together, one as a tote and the other as a bag!
  5. Black/black
  6. Burgundy
  7. It really depends on how u dress yourself. I bought that in blue cuz I wear black top and jeans. Blue can be outstanding in this way. Between those two color u choose, I would pick burgundy because it is classic.
  8. Between the two I think the black and black although you should also consider the Black and Tan which I think is also beautiful ! Nice that its cheaper too!!
  9. I went with black/black because I have lots of LV and I wanted a break from brown leather trim, lol! I think it has a clean look.
  10. I would choose burgundy. It's a nice colour and I personally think it is more unique than black.
  11. I would go for burgundy.
  12. I have a black on black and regretted for being so safe.....If I can choose again, I will definitely choose something else like the new grey, blue or burgundy.

    Goyard offers an array of beautiful colours and we can always get a black bag anytime so go for the burgundy :smile:

    Alternatively, if you do want a black bag badly, I agree with GoodyBag that a black on tan is another option.
  13. Burgundy...and that's what I would wanna get for my first Goyard.. if you have black bag in your collection already..then try something else.. I think Burgundy is a beautiful color..
  14. i will say burgundy
  15. Depends on your style. If you wear a lot of black, burgundy would be a nice option, since it adds some color to your outfits. If you wear a lot of colors, black would be a good choice, since black goes with almost everything. Good luck! :flowers: