Can't decide on style and color..advice, anyone?

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  1. Just joined forum, great info! Am trying to decide between pink classic with half flap in either lambskin or caviar (lambskin is more beautful but more $$$) or a medium white with full foldover flap or a smaller (7" long) white with half flap, both in lambskin. I own a navy and a black, one with full flap, one with half flap, both lambskin. I think maybe the half flap is more youthful...(am I right?):confused1: but it is also smaller (in this case, this particular one). Any suggestions? Also. there are some red classics out there, but the prices (even for used) are ridiculous...think I should wait on red.
  2. Any of your choices would be great. All of the flaps can look youthful or matronly depending on the dress and demeanour of the carrier. Just get the one you love most. the pink would give you some color in your collection. If your heart is set on red, the wait for the S/S 2008 collection as it is supposed to have a red reissue.
  3. thanks for advice....anything can look youthful or matronly depending on what you wear with it, I think you are right. I let a red one get away foolishly, but there is always another chance! Pink is more different then looking for either but at the right price, and I tend to like lambskin although everyone says caviar is more durable. this is a luxury item, I think with luxury you have to go for it all the way, and just take good care of your stuff!