can't decide on neverfull....:( monogram or damier?

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  1. Help me guys!!!
    i'm thinking about getting neverfull this time.
    but can't decide which on to get...
    monogram or damier?
    what do you guys think?
    and any suggestion from current owners???
    so far i have two monogram LVs....
    so i thought it would be fun to go for damier too.
    but monograms are so adorable....
  2. I personally like the mono more than the damier because of the brown/tan leather contrast. I was thinking of getting one myself but then I actually ran into someone that I know who carried a "very good" fake mono NF GM. A friend of mine, who is an LV addict and owns about 10 different LV mono handbags couldn't even tell that it was fake. Not until my friend complimented on the other girl's handbag that she admit it's not real. Apparently, they are many fake mono NF out there that they pay with a fraction of the price. Now thinking of it, I rather get the damier NF :sad:.
  3. I have the Mono but would go for the Damier. I bought mine before the Damier came out. Misstake on my part, I should have waited.
  4. I vote for the Damier!
  5. damier! i have the mono but the damier allows you to use it during all weather conditions
  6. damier :smile:
  7. Since you have two monos already I'd go with damier, but really it depends on what you love. If you really want more mono then get it in mono :yes:
  8. Damier. :smile:
  9. I'm glad you asked this - I'm in the same situation! I have two mono LVs right now too and my next will be a Neverfull!
    I am leaning towards mono, but I don't know... Damier is more all-weather, but for a bag that doesn't close if it rains I'm screwed anyhow right? I just don't know!
    Let us know what you decide though. Lol
  10. I was in the same situation after some TPF told me it would be better damier, specially since I live in a rainy place, but I also think maybe damier is too dark for summer but if you already have two mono bags I will suggest the damier. I will go for it!
  11. I love the mono myself.
  12. Damier for sure! I love both prints as well, so it's great to mix them up!
  13. For myself, I would get the mono, only because since the bag is an open tote, the mono has a more neutral interior lining. The damier, although gorgeous, and with a gorgeous red interior would not coodinate with so much of my clothing, especially summer clothing. BUT since you already have 2 mono pieces and nothing in the Damier line, I think you should try a different collection, so I say get the damier NF !
  14. I personally dont like Damier on the neverfull its too much.. I have the Monogram Gm and LOVE it.
  15. I have both in NF GM. The Mono has been unused since I purchased the Damier with the sexy red interior! Would've never bought the Mono if I'd known about the Damier release. The Damier is just so much classier in this style. Consider the Damier since you already have Mono.