can't decide on gucci pelham color! help!!

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  1. I'm having a hard time deciding what color pelham to go with. brown or white?
    i wear alot of black especially in the winter and I thought that the white would be nice but i love how the brown looks too.
    any suggestions?
  2. i personally have and love the brown... the white is stunning but for some reason, i view the brown as longer term... but i am not a fashionista.

    you can't go wrong with either!! good luck!
  3. I think the brown would work best for all color combos. Try NM San Antonio if you are still looking.
  4. I love, love this style and though I am not completely a fan of white after Labor Day (My mom is from the old-school south!) but for some reason, I love the white Guccissima Pelham...I seems so classic! However, if you are looking at the regular white versus the brown, I would definitely choose the brown. I think that this style and color will transition well through the seasons!
  5. I agree the brown can be worn year round.
  6. They are all nice! I prefer the brown to the white... the off white color shows wear easier and isn't great with spring (real white) colors... So as most others have said previous to this, go with the brown! It's a Winner! I can get it for you if you need... We have two sizes... Both are nice, depending on how much you carry in your bag...
  7. Love the brown....nut honestly the more i look at the white the more i fall in love...

    SO maybe im not much help hehe
  8. I'd go with the brown
  9. i vote for brown!!
  10. I personally feel Women younger than 25 would carry white strap pelham better. Iam 40 yrs old and I have the brown. More mature more classy and white is more fun and more daring. Either one pelham is a class.
  11. Brown. I am always afraid about getting handles dirty for white bags.
  12. I like the brown but I love the white (Guccissima that is). The white looks so chic! But you can't go wrong with either. Good luck!
  13. i vote for white...
  14. My first choice would be the cream/white followed by the black. I really cannot stand brown personally.
  15. another vote for brown! :smile: