Can't Decide on COLOR!

  1. Hi Girls!

    So today I got the patent mini-skinny in mahogany so I could see the color better. I have been wanting to get my first coach bag as a patent leather gallery tote but now I can't decide on the color. BLUE OR MAHOGANY?

    Originally I wanted the mahogany because I thought it looked almost deep purple but now that I have the mini, I can see its more brown. Still its gorgeous, but I wonder if it will have that stunning punch to it that the blue one has. The blue one is selling lower on eBay but there's still a mahogany up there about once or twice a week(and coach has not called me about new outlet arrivals so I've given up on that).I'm ready to put down the money, I just can't decide which color! :shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:

    What do you think?
  2. I'd choose blue simply because the mahogany picks up fingerprints so easily and it would get on my nerves. I read on another thread that the blue doesn't do that as bad. Just my opinion!

    ETA: It just hit me that you meant the bag, not the mini skinny! I saw a pic of a mahogany patent tote and I must say it was stunning! I don't think the fingerprint factor would be as bad on a bag since you don't handle it nearly as much as a mini skinny, just mainly the handles. Tough call but the mahogany is just gorgeous if you can get it! Good luck!
  3. I personally prefer the blue. I thought it was prettier. :smile:
  4. Thanks tloveshim, you're right the fingerprints show up a lot on the mahogany mini. I might have to sell it on eBay if I end up getting the blue bag. The leather feels sooo good though.
  5. Blue!!
  6. I always liked the Blue!
  7. Go with the blue.
  8. Another vote for blue!!:yes:
  9. I have the blue and I get so many compliments on it. It goes with almost everything and it's sooo pretty. I can take pics tomorrow if you want if it would help you make up your mind. Also, I am a bit anal about fingerprints and they don't show up on the blue at all!
  10. Go for the blue one. It is a punch of color in this dreary winter.
    It will also be great with white and denim in the summer.
  11. Wow! What an overwhelming response for BLUE!!!

    Thanks so much everyone!

    I do think it will actually go with more stuff than the mahogany too since it can go with black or brown.

    Thanks again. I love this forum!
  12. the patent blue is an amazing color...definately go for that one!!!
  13. Thanks plzrck. I was actually looking at that one but I was concerned about that seller after I looked up her feedback on toolhaus. She has a lot of negatives so I'm not sure.
  14. I know there are negatives, 82, I think. But they have sold over 15,000 items, so loooking at it from that angle it doesn't seem like much. I bought from them quite awhile back and didn't have any problems, but it was for a keyfob. Good luck!