Can't decide on a tote! LV or Goyard or Givenchy or Mansur Gavriel

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  1. Hello fellow enablers,

    I'm trying to decide on an everyday, can be worn with anything, all-purpose tote.
    I'm looking for something that is DURABLE most of all. I have lots of bags but am looking for that workhorse that I can shlep all my things in for school/work/life/travel. It needs to be able to take some abuse and look good for years.

    I'm currently stuck between the following:

    LV Neverfull - monogram canvas
    Pros: seems super durable, can be personalized
    Cons: it's everywhere, already have several LV bags

    Goyard St. Louis - black
    Pros: can be personalized, less common
    Cons: have heard that it's not as durable as people say

    Givenchy Antigona - current season with jaguar lining
    Pros: that lining though :loveeyes:
    Cons: unknown durability

    Mansur Gavriel - black with ballerina lining
    Pros: much cheaper than the other three, leather
    Cons: I already have one of their bags

    Thanks in advance for any of your expertise with these bags - or any that I may not have thought of!
  2. I'd choose a canvas tote since they are lighter. I like the ebene Damier since you can use it in all climates and not worry about the creamy leather. I chose between a totally mm and neverfull. I ended up choosing the totally and I'm happy with my purchase. I like goyard but I don't like how glossy they are. I see quite a few of them where I live. Another brand I liked for totes was Faure le page. I'm keen to get something by them eventually. My husband has a wallet and their customer service is exceptional. Based on customer service I would choose Faure or LV. I've heard not such good things about goyards customer service.
  3. LV Neverfull - don't care for monogram bags and as you mentioned, it is everywhere! Pretty much everyone I know has one and I cannot even count the number I see while out and about on any given day. However, it is known for it's quality and durability, so it gets my #3 vote.

    Goyard St. Louis - don't care for the print and when I tried this bag on I was not impressed. I thought the strap drop was a bit tight under the arm and for the price, it seemed very flimsy (have heard about durability issues as well). This one comes in dead last of the four you've listed, IMO.

    Givenchy Antigona - I don't own any Givenchy, but I've heard good things about their quality and I like the look of this tote and the fact that you don't see it everywhere. This one gets my #1 vote.

    Mansur Gavriel - I don't know much about this brand as I've never seen one IRL, but based on pictures, I thought the quality looked cheap (and my DH, who rarely has an opinion on such matters, said the same thing). But since I've never seen one IRL, I might give it a shot due to it's lower price point and the fact that I like the look of the tote and you don't see it everywhere. So this one probably gets my #2 vote over the LV and Goyard.

    I don't usually carry a larger bag/tote, but my go-to casual large tote is a Valentino Rockstud in nude, which is not everyone's cup of tea LOL. I also have a Chanel black seasonal tote, but that is a bit dressier/more structured and I wouldn't exactly call it a "work horse". The quality is probably second to none, but I wouldn't want to shlep all my things in it for years. Chanel does have an "Executive Tote" that I see recommended a lot for a work horse bag.

    Good luck deciding!
  4. I vote neverful in DE. That bag can be used daily for years and look like you just got it yesterday. Some people have had trouble with cracking on the handles, but to be honest, I've had three and never had an issue. Because they are DE, I've gotten better prices on them when selling than mono anything.
  5. Thanks for your responses, they're super helpful!

    I hadn't thought of the Rockstud or the Faure la Page - I will look into those.

    Most of my clothing is black so I lean towards a black bag. Now, if the Neverfull came in Damier Graphite, I'd have a very easy decision!
  6. I have to say it's really disappointing looking at other threads and hearing about Goyard's poor customer service and cracking bag handles. I had such high hopes!
  7. I will try to add some ideas from my experience - I am a fan of Goyard but I would suggest the Artois because it has a zipper and will be personalized as part of the price. I have St. Louis Pm which I do not carry often because it is so open. At least the neverfull clips shut. It's a very durable bag which is why everyone had one. But that ubiquity is a bit of a turn off. I purchased mine many years ago in the old style which I prefer. The pouch doesn't justify the price now so I'd suggest going to LV and trying on other bags, especially with zipper of more secure closure. I'm really not up on LV any more and the bags I would suggest may be discontinued. The Leather Citadine is s great bag. The Pm was discontinued but a few GMs may be available.

    I just purchased the Goyard grenadines last month at the maison in NYC. The customer service is impeccable. It's a hobo which is not my style at all but this bag is great. I was at Hermes on Monday and the staff fawned all over it, particularly noting that the St. Louis is overrated. My SA was at Bergdorf a few weeks before and she was sad because the grenadine is only at the maison. It's bring discontinued but NYC has a few. The price is way too low for Goyard especially given the amount of leather.

    I am also a fan of the fendi 2jour. I purchased on in brown. The center zips (great for wallet) but the sides are open for easy access. The 3jour is an option if you like a big open tote.

    As stated above, the cerf tote from Chanel is a great workhorse. I've been carrying mind this week. However, at the price point, I would only recommend if you really love it. Otherwise, I'd say say that money and get a Chanel flap of some sort later down the road.


  8. LV Neverfull!
    I wouldn't mind seeing it everywhere ( very few people carry designer bags where I live) don't forget that if the bag has been very popular for years.....there are good reasons....
  9. You have some beautiful bags and wonderful taste! I'm looking for something a bit bigger than the Fendi and the other Goyard you mentioned. I do love that Chanel tote, but as you said I'd rather save that $$$ towards a future flap bag purchase.
  10. Good point! I love my other LV bags.
  11. LV Neverfull DE, It may be every where but it is very durable. You can personalise it or get one of the seasonal ones if you don't want it to be too common.
  12. Thanks! Hunting down a seasonal one is a good idea.