Can't decide on a small bag...please help!!


Which bag to get...

  1. Bleecker Leather Small Hobo in WINE

  2. Carly Top Handle Pouch in Khaki/Saddle

  3. Tattersall Top Handle Pouch

  4. Legacy Stripe Top Handle Pouch

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  1. I bought a Carly Demi in Khaki/Saddle at the outlet, and just don't care for it...I was going to take it to the boutique to exchange it for the Carly pouch after seeing TLLOVESHIM beautiful new purchase, but now that they've dropped the price on the Bleecker hobo, I am having a hard time deciding which bag I want to get...I just need/want a little bag to throw a skinny, keys and cell so I don't have to lug my big tote around when I just want to run a quick errand. TIA!!!

    It's between...
    1. Bleecker Leather Small Zip Hobo in WINE
    2. Carly Sig Top Handle Pouch in Khaki/Saddle
    3. Tattersall Top Handle Pouch (web site link says no longer available...)
    4. Legacy Top Handle Pouch
  2. I like number 3 or 4 but most likely lean toward number 4 the legacy one
  3. I am very attracted to the legacy stripe. I need to get something with the legacy stripe!!! i wish the inside of my ergo tote had it.. =(
  4. I vote for the legacy stripe... I was thinking of getting that one myself.
  5. i love that little bleecker! it's very classic yet a little boho. and you won't have to worry about getting it dirty!
  6. Bleeker- it can hang on your shoulder and it holds more!!
  7. And the Bleecker has the TATTERSALL lining!!! I'm also thinking the leather would be the least maintenance. But the Carly pouch is so cute...although I already have a med choc one!! I also think the little turnlocks on the tattersall and legacy pouches are so cute! See why this is so difficult?!?!
  8. Bleeker! I love that wine colour!
  9. I like the bleecker or the legacy stripe.. depending on how hard that would be to keep nice.. but as you know by now I can't make a decision :rolleyes:
  10. The leather Bleeker is really pretty. Plus you won't have to worry so much about it getting dirty like you would have to with the Tattersall or the Legacy.

    Have you thought about the Top Handle Carly in Chocolate either Signature or Leather? Very pretty bag too.
  11. ^^ I have the med Carly in choc so I wouldn't want to get the same color. And they don't come in leather (that I'm aware of...). Or do you mean this one? Although it's not showing available in red anymore - which would've been my color of choice!!
  12. I voted for the Bleecker small hobo. I love the wine color!
  13. Bleecker - the wine is beautiful!
  14. I of course am voting for the carly top handle pouch AKA baby carly! I love, love, love mine! It's soooo darn cute!
  15. I love #1 and 3. #1 even has the Tattersall lining!