Can't decide on a!

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    So I have a black MAM, an almond paramour, and have gotten obsessed with RM bags! I am wanting either a mini MAC or a zip cross body for my next bag. Problem is I am torn between too many colors. Was thinking teal or the new viola color (but heard the viola leather scratches very easily!) if I got the zip crossbody. In a MAC- denim, almond, or cobalt blue. (on stefanibags). I'm afraid the blue shades might be boring and blend in with my outfits when I wear jeans. Also saw a bright green on endless. I wish I could buy a couple but I can only do one. Getting a versatile color is very important to me. I've been researching the colors online but feel like its really hard to tell online. I know the real experts are here. Any feedback appreciated :smile:
  2. What colors comprise most of your wardrobe?

    I LOVE the denim color for MACS. It seems to be a gray-tinged blue. I think it's pretty enough to not blend into your outfits. I also love the teal - I would buy it if I knew how to work it into my wardrobe (mostly blacks and grays)!




    MARCH27BLOG1 copy.jpg
  3. Teal is too cute!
  4. Wow love the pics! The teal is beautiful. I like the denim a lot but on some websites the color looks really weird. Is the denim more a sping/summer color or more of a fall purse? Thanks for your help :smile:

    I wear a lot of grays, blacks, purple, various shades of blue.
  5. For a long time I carried the black zip cross body, and I just bought a teal / turquoise at the RM Sample Sale in NYC. It's not the zip, it's a MAC, but I love it. My nail polish go-to color for the season is a similar color, so it works out perfectly. Plus, it matches with blacks, blues, greys, whites... basically anything except reds! Mine is more of a turquoise, less teal than the one in the pics above and I love love love it. Would highly recommend. Gives a perfect pop of color to dress up an outfit!
  6. To me, both colors seem more like they're spring/summer colors, but could realistically be worn in all seasons for a nice pop of color. With your wardrobe, both colors sound like they fit. Personally, although I really love the color of denim, I think the teal is a bit more versatile because of the silver hardware, and it's such a beautiful splash of color to any ensemble!
  7. ahh I'm so torn! On my lunch break today I kept going back and forth between the aqua color and denim! I can't decide!! They are both so pretty. Thanks for your input.
  8. I would get the bright green if it was me..I saw it online and I gasped with joy..but I have a turquoise and bright pink mac already. I did really like the viola purple in the 3 zip and want that one too
  9. Yeah the bright green is really unique but I keep going back to denim for some reason! I feel like that color is really hard to determine online.

    Why must there be so many fab colors?! ;)
  10. I love that teal color! Looks great with neutrals to add a pop of color!
  11. I love the denim color! It will be the next color I get for mini-MACs
  12. Thanks for your opinion! Have you seen it IRL? Is it shiny or more of a matte leather? Does it seem like a pretty versatile color?
  13. I think the denim is a better all year round color and it's really pretty. I would go for that one for sure.
  14. Thank you! :smile: I have been staring at all the colors for way too long so it's nice to have some feedback! I am going to go ahead and get the denim.
  15. I saw it on a girl in a mall:smile: To me it was more shiny than matte in a distance but I didn't have the courage to ask her if I could touch her bag. I think it is fairly versatile as you can dress it down or up.