Can't decide on a cles :(

  1. I was looking for something to accessorize my speedy, I thought about a scarf or twilly of some sort, but I know I'll get tired of it. Then I saw some members with the cles's clipped on I thought that was too cute, plus I'll get more use out of that, than a scarf, I don't wear scarfs at all.
    but a cles I could clip on to my belt or anything. Now I don't know which one, perfo, vernis (especially red). I'm thinking perfo but will I get tired of it, since it's a seasonal line. Like do you think I'll still be using when winter time comes?
  2. What kind of Speedy do you have - material?
  3. Classic monogram
  4. I would go with a darker coloured vernis, so you don't have to worry about colour transfer. If you'd like something to really add colour and a little extra something, I'd get a white MC cles, it'd be so darling clipped onto the outside of a speedy !
  5. If you have to choose between Perfo and Vernis, I say go for the Vernis. I'm not a huge fan of Perfo.

    Perle would look lovely next to Mono (pic from eLuxury):


  6. That's so true about the color transfer! :cry:

    Ditto on the white MC cles!
  7. Yeah I'm leaning toword the perfo in orange maybe, all they have on elux is green and orange, not really a MC fan although the smaller accessories do look cute because of the smaller monogram. Sigh, I'm going to new york this week I'll probably go check them out in person.
    Thanks guys.
  8. Here's my red Vernis cles:

    I also just got an orange perforated one, but I don't have a picture of that yet. I don't like the perforated Speedys, but I like the small perfo items. Besides the orange cles, I've also got a perfo pochette plate. I figure this line won't always be around, so I wanted a couple of little pieces of it.
  9. oooh I really like that red vernis cles. Your dog is adorable too.
  10. Thanks!
  11. I have the magenta perfo cles. I really love it. Its the only line that actually fits tons of stuff in the little pouch. The other styles seem like they are stiffer.
  12. Framboise or Rouge Vernis would be my choices. Perle would be pretty, too, though.
  13. I'd go perfo BECAUSE it is a seasonal line and won't be something that alot of other people have.
  14. Yeah I agree ok perfo it is.
  15. I love the orange perfo. :heart: :heart: :heart: It would look so cute with a Speedy 'cause it would give it a little pop of color. :biggrin: