Can't decide... Nero, Ebano or Ferro??

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  1. I'm eyeing a credit card case to replace my current one. But I can't decide which colour!! :Push: I have a Nero Wallet, so a Nero case would match my wallet just right. But I am also a little leaning towards Ebano one... and then I saw the Ferro one and the colour just stood out from the rest! Now I can't decide!! (and please don't tell me to get all 3!! :roflmfao:)
  2. Tough choice indeed. I would say Ebano since (a) you have Nero already and (b) am not a fan of Ferro plus I think the darker colour would stand the usage better.
  3. One vote for Ferro! I was shown a wallet in it several months ago and still can't forget the sight of the subtle sheen of the metallic grey. Simply sublime.
  4. i think you should get the nero.
  5. Another vote for ferro - you'll be able to get nero or ebano later, but ferro (probably) isn't going to be around forever!
  6. Third vote for'll compliment your nero bag and wallet perfectly.
  7. Well, you`re lucky if you can still grab a SML in Ferro! If they ran out of it, Rock, the new Grey for S/S is divine, too!
  8. Ferro! Ferro! Ferro! Ferro! Ferro! Ferro!
  9. Ferro
  10. ferro. if it's the same color as your wallet it will be harder to pick it out of the abyss of a bag. plus, ferro is just more beautiful. :P

    and fun. beautiful and fun.
  11. Does anyone else hear an echo? f---e---r---r--o
  12. OMG... so many votes for Ferro!!
  13. i vote for ferro too
  14. Ferro.
  15. Gosh, I love the ferro color, agree with the rest, esp that you'll be able to see it when you peek in your bag.